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Un aigle survolant les Alpes enneigées, en noir et blanc.

The Foundation

About the Alpine Eagle Foundation

From eagle to mountain

In addition to the original project, which focused on reintroducing the golden eagle into its natural habitat, broader objectives are to be pursued, aimed at raising awareness, mobilising support and taking action on behalf of the entire Alpine massif and the life it shelters.
The eagle has been chosen by the Foundation to symbolise influential action on behalf of the entire ecosystem. Majestic yet threatened, it is the emblem of an approach that targets the entire surrounding Alpine environment. With its outstretched wings, it appears to embrace the landscape over which it soars, and that the Foundation bearing its name intends to protect.

Une vallée alpine sous le soleil d'automne.

The Alps

A commitment to making a mountain of difference

The Alpine Eagle Foundation has set itself the goal of preserving this mountain range in all its aspects: as a natural environment, a place of life and traditions, a natural habitat for wild and domesticated species, a home to vital glaciers and countless lakes, and the source of great rivers such as the Rhône, the Rhine and the Po.


A passionate team of individuals

The Alpine Eagle Foundation was founded by Chopard Co-President Karl-Friedrich Scheufele along with experts and devotees of the Alps such as falconer Jacques-Olivier Travers (creator of Aigles du Léman) and Ronald Menzel (Managing Director of Freedom Conservation).

2 aigles royaux survolant une vallée alpine dans une lumière jaune de coucher de soleil.
Une vielle grange en bois sur un alpage un matin d'été.

Become a
Brand Ambassador

Are you a high-profile individual with a proven attachment or connection to the Alps? Contact us today to discuss the requirements of being an Alpine Eagle Foundation Ambassador. We’d love to hear from you.

Une vielle grange en bois sur un alpage un matin d'été.


A common cause

The Alpine Eagle Foundation is proud to have a select network of Ambassadors to assist with promoting worthy Alpine causes. All our Ambassadors are well-known celebrities who have joined us based on their links with the Alps and it eagles in particular.

Our partners

Solid international support from like-minded organizations

The Alpine Eagle Foundation is currently supported by a varied group of partner businesses and organizations. All of these are committed to making a creative contribution to addressing the social and environmental challenges with which our planet is faced through raising awareness amongst individuals and organizations while empowering them to work towards a more sustainable future.

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