Our Commitment

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The Matterhorn on a grey, cloudy winter day.

Our Commitment

Preserving the Alps

A clear and explicit goal

Twelve hundred kilometres long, 280 kilometres wide, with a combined 190,000 km² area spread across six countries, this priceless breeding ground for plant and animal species is an authentic treasure. Europe’s ‘water tower’ is under threat from a wide variety of stressors. The Alpine Eagle Foundation has set itself the goal of preserving this mountain range in all its aspects: as a natural environment, a place of life and traditions, a natural habitat for wild and domesticated species, a home to vital glaciers and countless lakes, and the source of great rivers such as the Rhône, the Rhine and the Po.

Un lac alpin bleu-vert avec des sommes enneigés en fond et une prairie alpestre avec des sapins devant.

The Alps

A priceless breeding ground

The Alps are Europe’s largest continuous ecosystem. Located in several developed and interconnected nations, this living mineral massif is subject to countless pressures.

Alpine Fauna

An extraordinary wildlife habitat

One of the regions with the richest flora and fauna in Europe after the Mediterranean, the Alps is home to some 30,000 animal species.

Un aigle royal photographié de près sur un pic rocheux, avec des vallées alpines en fond.
Des crocus roses illuminés par le soleil se levant derrière des sommets alpins.

Alpine Flora

A unique floral kingdom

Alpine flora consists of some 13,000 different plant species of which nearly 8% are indigenous.

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